JAVA JOEY -     Fresh Roasted Dominican Coffee!!
WHITE TEA: The rarest and most delicate of teas. It is made from leaf buds that are plucked in early spring and dried at low temperatures. White tea has a mild flavor with natural sweetness. It contains a powerful anti-oxidant called polyphenols that fights and kills cancer-causing cells. It has the most polyphenol than all other teas! Origin is China.
GREEN TEA:  Leaves undergo 3 treatments: roasting, rolling, and firing.  It is an excellent thirst quencher.  The benefits of drinking green tea are lowering cholesterol and having anti-oxidants.  Green tea is good for preventing dementia, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  It has been shown to prevent many cancers.  Origin is China or Japan. 
OOLONG TEA: Also known as Blue Tea- falls between the green and black tea categories with a light fragrant taste. Less anti-oxidants as green tea but still beneficial in lowering cholesterol and blood sugars and blood pressure.  It is also beneficial in treating skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. Oolong tea is most known for weight loss by increasing metabolism, burning fat and blocking dietary fat absorption.  Origins are China and Taiwan. 
BLACK TEA:  It is green tea that the leaves are allowed to fully dry or oxidize. Black tea has a deep rich flavor. It has the same benefits of green tea plus it kill viruses especially those that cause cold sores.  Origins are China, India, and Sri Lanka.
PU-ER TEA:  Also known as Black Tea. It is China’s mystery tea!  Taste is very strong and acquired.  It has been used for digestive problems for centuries in China (origin). It also helps with stress and aids in sleep.